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The name Angular has a very important meaning in our daily lifes, even though we are not aware of the importance. The angular gyrus is a region of the brain in the parietal lobe, that lies near the superior edge of the temporal lobe, and immediately posterior to the supramarginal gyrus; it is involved in a number of processes related to language, mathematics and cognition. Recent experiments have demonstrated the possibility that stimulation of the angular gyrus is the cause of out-of-body experiences.

For Angular the combination of these functions is the vision of the company. We try to develop systems that not only have the right algorithms, but will also give an out-of-body experiences. We try to look over the horizon and revolutionize the way we analyze data.

Our field of expertise is machine learning. We are specialised in artificial neural networks, support vector machine, clustering methods, naive Bayes classifiers, Bayesian networks and regression methods.